06_10_000509The purpose of the Fitchburg High School Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize outstanding athletes, coaches, contributors and teams that have significantly impacted the athletic legacy of Fitchburg High School in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

On June 3, 2016, Fitchburg High School celebrated its 150th graduation. That is 1-5-0 years! During that century and a half of public education, tens of thousands of student athletes, coaches, and supporters have rallied around the Red and Gray at athletic venues, large and small. We are a proud and vibrant athletic community that, together, celebrates wins over and endures losses to our storied rivals, near and far.

Through eight beautiful ceremonies, held every two years since 2001, the Selection Committee has inducted:
96 Athletes, 7 Coaches, 7 Contributors and 9 Teams

Please, enjoy the web site we have developed to honor our Red Raiders who have achieved athletic excellence for our school, city, state, and nation.

And, as always, we offer, “…THREE CHEERS FOR THE RED AND GRAY!”